Cloth Nappies - Pretty & Practical!

Lucy lives on the beautiful Isle of Wight and is mum to two boys and a daughter born earlier this year. As we know Lucy is a huge cloth nappy fan, we asked her  to tell us a bit about her journey into using cloth… this is her story and some tips if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all!

9 years ago, when I was expecting my 1st child, I decided to research cloth nappies because it was the eco thing to do. I had read that it took the average disposable nappy over 400 years to decompose. I was not comfortable with the thought of leaving that much rubbish behind for generations to come. I decided that the birth to potty kind was economical so that’s what we went for.

Then, I happened to see the Totsbots Cherrylicious nappy and the bug bit. I was a woman possessed. I needed all the prints. Before you knew it, I was having custom nappies made for my son and holding nappuccinos (a coffee gathering to discuss nappies, yes these really do exist!). It became my hobby. I just loved how beautiful they were and I made lots of new friends and found a new community of people to share my passion.

Having my son in cloth nappies encouraged more changes in our lifestyle. I figured since we were already using them, why not use cloth wipes too? Then before you knew it I had swapped to Cloth Pads as well.

It doesn’t have to be like this though, you can be entirely practical about it. Although the initial outlay is a bit pricey, it does save you a fortune by the time you hit the potty learning stage. Our nappies that we bought in 2011, were used until our son was 3, they could have been used for our other children but were sold on due to our second sons’ medical needs. He did experience cloth nappies for his first 4 weeks in the form of customs and Totsbots Teenyfits.

The cloth nappy world can seem confusing in the beginning but it really is quite simple.

You choose your system: all in ones or two parters? Then you see what brand works for you. I love Totsbots. The itty bitty teenyfits all in one nappies made for newborns that weigh 5lbs – 12lbs which were a life saver for my last baby who is a preemie. Her brother was in teenyfits for 4ish weeks before he outgrew them but she lived in them for nearly 10 weeks before moving into easy fits – made for babies weighing 8lbs – 35lbs.

I thought I knew what I liked but then I was introduced to the Totsbots Peenut system which is becoming my favourite kind of nappy. This system is comprised of a wrap (size 1 or 2) and Peenut Pads that snap in easily into the wrap. This is very similar to the Close Pop-In Nappy only difference is you pop in your soakers & booster into the wrap and voila!

With my 3rd (and final baby), I have experienced new systems and brands and I’m absolutely loving it!

Cloth nappies are not only pretty but are practical too!

If you have any questions about making the switch to cloth nappies, or the options available, why not come over and join us in BeauBaba’s Clubhouse to ask any questions, and find out more!