Like many of us, Hananh likes a sweet treat every now and again, and so we are delighted that she is sharing some of her favourite BeauBaba offerings with us today! Hannah is also mum to a beautiful little boy who has several food intolerances, and so she also explores a little about what we offer which keeps our sweet treats inclusive for all!

So, this year has already presented us with some challenges and last year was tough for everyone so if you’re anything like me you’re relying on sweet treats to get you through. With Easter round the corner, I’m sure we are all looking forward to the kiddies being hopped on chocolate for a long weekend as a rest from homeschooling, right?! As we can’t do much in the way of shopping, how do we satisfy our sweet tooth?

Well, never fear, BeauBaba is here!

I have been shopping with BeauBaba for over a year and I have discovered so many wonderful things and indeed many of my gifts throughout the year, including my son’s birthday presents, have been purchased from here. I know Ellie and Olivia have given you the lowdown on clothes and books, so what do I have to offer you? Well, read on....

BeauBaba sell chocolate and sweets – did you know? No? Where have you been?!

The range is immense and I shall give you a quick tour of just some of it. From the famous (for making my clothes shrink!) Tony’s to Candy Kittens to the more newly stocked Gnaw, I am sure BeauBaba have something to suit you.

So let’s start with the one I know best – Tony's Chocolonely. Warning: it is addictive but it is worth it! Whether you like milk, dark or white chocolate there is a bar for you. My addiction began with the free Tony’s Mini Eggs that found their way into my BeauPost in spring last year - so yes, Steph all my new trousers are down to you! I will be honest, I had heard Tony’s mentioned a lot and wrote it off as I convinced myself it was a fad. So I sat down with my eggs one night and I was converted. What were these little parcels of joy? I managed to make them last a few nights but then I had to buy some big bars. We all have our favourites I am sure but there was not a single one I didn’t like. My personal favourites are Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee (the purple one) and White Raspberry Popping Candy (the pink one). I am secretly a dark chocoholic who doesn’t like white chocolate but the pink one is something special. The purple one is just delicious, the pretzels taste gorgeous and are a lovely contrast in texture. If you haven’t had Tony’s before, I urge you to try. And interestingly they don’t come marked into nice square pieces….why? So you can give the kids a tiny piece while you grab a nice large one for yourself! There is actually a serious reason for this. It is to represent the inequalities in the chocolate industry, which is something Tony’s feel passionate about, and are constantly striving to positively influence. So go on, give Tony’s a try. There is now a special lemon meringue edition, and the mini eggs are back in stock again. So that’s totally justification for an Easter treat for you, right?

And so on to my next brand. Let’s mix it up with some sweeties – Candy Kittens. I am by no means an expert on this compared to Tony’s but a packet fell into my basket on a recent order and it won’t be my last. I opted for the Tropical Mango and they are delicious, really fruity and slightly fizzy; even better, they’re vegan too. So suitable for almost every diet. I think I will try the blueberry bliss next and hope that my fruit fiend of a small person doesn’t spot them first.

A whistle-stop Gnaw tour is on the agenda next. I have only scratched the surface of the wonderful collection of Gnaw chocolate available although I believe Catherine may be able to offer some advice on the salted chocolate offerings…. I went for Banoffee Pie, funnily enough, on Catherine’s recommend and it is lovely. Very true to the real pie but without being sickly at all. I am dying to try the Almond and Cranberry Dark Chocolate Superslab, being a dark chocolate lover, so I expect that will be in my next order. I have also bought loads of Gnaw hot chocolate gift sets for friend’s presents. There are also vegan options with 70% dark chocolate ones, vegan mylk ones and a vegan gift set too. They are so beautifully presented - a shot of happiness for the dark winter days.

My blog would not be complete without tipping my hat to Divine….by name and by nature! If you like hot chocolate then you NEED Divine in your life. I am very fussy when it comes to hot chocolate. I am usually disappointed by the “murky dishwater” that passes as hot chocolate in most places, even coffee houses that profess to have the “chocolatiest hot chocolate around”. Well fear not, Divine will answer all your hot chocolate desires and it comes wrapped in a pretty tub, plus it’s vegan too. Salted caramel is just, the best thing ever (forget sliced bread!). I make mine with milk as per the instructions and it is rich, creamy and just, well, Divine. If you aren’t a fan of salted caramel, then there is ordinary (if you can call it that) hot chocolate too. Whatever way, I know you won’t be disappointed. P.S. they do chocolate too….check out the new Easter eggs and mini eggs

With all this choice I have to say that for me, finding Moo Free has been a God send. My son is currently on a gluten, dairy, egg and soya free diet due to his intolerances and this chocolate has none of that. We have tried the plain milk, orange, caramel, strawberry and bunny comb (honeycomb). So basically, most of them! I would say the favourite is probably strawberry but he is equally pleased with plain to be honest. They do some fabulous Easter eggs too. For the first time in his life my son is having a chocolate Easter egg, all thanks to Moo Free. So if you have anyone in the family on a special diet, definitely check out Moo Free as it has been a fabulous find for us.

Before I leave you, assuming you’ve stayed this long, or you’re not already off adding all this to your baskets, I must also touch on the other Beau-offerings. There is the wonderful Montezumas, who have some fabulous flavour combinations such as chilli and lime, and orange and geranium; the wild and organic Seed and Bean and the slightly different Ombar, which is raw chocolate. More recently there have been other additions including Dirty Cow (yes, really! I have some to try); Jealous Sweets or Sweet Lounge which are both vegan and Super Fudgio who do chocolate coated fruit which I’m pretty sure counts as one of your 5 a day 😉 So go and take a look, with a range like that, something is sure to appeal.

Stock is constantly updated so keep checking back if something isn’t in stock as it will probably be re-stocked – if you haven’t noticed, we are all addicted to sweets and chocolate in the Clubhouse so we tend to snap it up pretty quickly but Steph keeps the metaphorical shelves replenished.

And if you REALLY cant choose.... sign up for a BeauBaba Sweet Treats subscription, and they'll send you a box of delights every month for you to enjoy!