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Twirly Skirts

Twirly Skirts Lilac Flowers, Unicorn Powers Twirly Dress Set

Twirly Skirts Lilac Flowers, Unicorn Powers Twirly Dress Set

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These organic cotton twirly dress sets are instantly recognisable by their colourful prints, secret messages & MAJOR twirl factor. So if you’re looking for a twirly dress, Twirly Skirts are here for you! Oh and they come with matching shorts and hair bow too.  Luxury organic cotton girlswear made to last.


What makes these dresses so twirly?

LOADS and LOADS of fabric into the skirt section (way more than you would typically find in a high street garment). This makes our skirts twirl BIG, which is exactly what our little customers are looking for!



  • Super Twirly Organic Cotton Dress with ribbon

  • Coordinating Organic Cotton Twirl Short

  • Luxury Grosgrain Hair Bow (Bowtique)


Each dress features a secret message patch for its wearer “You are loved”

Made from extraordinarily soft and comfy, ribbed organic cotton

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