Rewards for Reviews

You can now earn BeauCoins by sharing your knowledge and writing product reviews about goodies you have bought from BeauBaba! You can tell everyone about the sizing of clothes, the taste of chocolate, the absorbency of a nappy, the durability of a toy.... whatever you think would be helpful for someone else who is considering a purchase of that item!
For every qualifying 3 reviews, you earn 100 BeauCoins.
You can earn a maximum of 100 BeauCoins a day from writing reviews.
You MUST be logged in before you submit your review in order to receive your BeauCoins!
All submitted reviews are authorised by one of the BeauBaba team, so please allow 1-3 working days for your review and any associated BeauCoins earnt, to be applied.
What qualifies you to earn BeauCoins for reviews?
The reviews must be for goods you have purchased from BeauBaba.
The main content must include at least 30 words and be judged as helpful for helping other prospective shoppers considering a purchase.
Anyone deemed to be abusing the BeauBaba Reviews scheme will be excluded from participating again, and potentially have their BeauBaba account closed.
BeauBaba reserve the right to amend the workings and earnings of the review scheme at any time.
How do I write a review?
The absolute first thing to do, is make sure you are logged into your account!
Then find the product you wish to review. Go into the product as though you were going to look at all the descriptions etc, and just under the product image and title you’ll see some stars and a ‘review this product’ option – just click that!
If you scroll down past the ADD TO CART button, you’ll see a ‘Reviews’ tab where you can read reviews others have submitted, and also submit your own!
You can keep track of what reviews you have written in your BeauBaba account – just log into your account and then scroll down to ‘My Product Reviews’.
Once we have approved three of your submitted reviews, you will get an email letting you know that you have been awarded your BeauCoins for your qualifying reviews, and your BeauCoins will appear in your account, ready to spend!
BeauBaba will also periodically choose their favourite reviews to share with Clubhouse, and award bonuses for those reviews which especially catch our eye!