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Close Nappy Wrap - Twilight Garden

Close Nappy Wrap - Twilight Garden

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Now you can Pop-in over whatever 2-part nappy system you are using with the Pop-in nappy wrap/cover. It has our tried and tested leak-proof double gusset for added protection at any age or stage and is cut a little bigger than our nappy to fit over bulkier nappies and pre-folds!

These covers cannot be used alone, they are specially designed to be used over an absorbent two part nappy or pre-fold (*please note we do not sell these and our soakers and boosters are not compatible) as an alternative to and all in one or all in two system. Like our nappies our Pop-in nappy wraps are ideal for either day or night, thanks to our renowned leak-proof double leg gusset. They are cut generous enough to fit over even the bulkiest two-part nappy system.

There is no lining inside the waterproof outer shell so it may be wiped clean and re-used unless soiled

One size - fits most 8 lbs /3.62 kg - 35lbs /16kg approximately
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